Preferred Vendor Network

Our exclusive list of vendors who have cleared an 11 point background check.

Clients often ask us to recommend reliable contractors for their home renovation projects. We’ve all heard horror stories of seemingly “nice” guys who took deposits and were never heard from again. That’s why we’re so reluctant to make referrals, even when our experience with a vendor has been positive.

Of course, no system can guarantee 100% success, but we know from our human resources training that there are measurable indicators of an individual’s reliability and trustworthiness.

We can search databases and court records, do interviews, check references, etc. Taken together, these measures give us a behind the scenes peak at those who are most (and least) likely to perform well on our projects.

At Maids-N-More we have the systems in place (and the experience) to conduct background checks and information gathering necessary to identify reliable performers.


  1. Our Personal Interview
  2. Criminal background check (Felony and Misdemeanor)
  3. Civil Court Records Search
  4. Sexual Offender Check
  5. Credit Check (Including Liens, Judgments, and Bankruptcies)
  6. DMV Check
  7. Drug Test
  8. 3 Professional References
  9. License Verification
  10. Insurance Verification
  11. Our Personal Experience Using Their Services

We are not suspicious folks and we trust that the vendors we do business with are genuinely good people. But we also know that life can change dramatically and quickly, sometimes throwing curveballs that make good people do bad things.

That’s why we continue to do background checks on everyone in the Preferred Vendor Network, every 6 months, to identify potential issues you need to be aware of.

The ultimate goal is to provide you with vendors who have demonstrated that they are responsible, honest people who are worthy of your trust and money.


The process of becoming a preferred vendor takes time. As we say at Maids-N-More, “You can have it done fast or well, not both”, and that certainly applies here as well. Please bear with us as we proceed with the process of finding and qualifying reputable vendors for you to do business with.

The following vendors have cleared our 11-point background check and we can safely recommend them to you. If you have any questions about them or their services, please feel free to call our office at 736-6300.

Handyman: Joe Martira
Joe does carpentry, light electrical, plumbing, etc. Rates are $30 per hour, with a 4-hour minimum.

Computer/Help Desk Technician: Adam Laikask
Personal computer training, laptops, printers, networks, installs, error messages, pop-ups, virus protection, etc. Anything and everything you need help with, Adam is the guy for you! Adam’s rates are $45 per hour. Flat rates are also available.

Disclaimer: Naturally, we recommend that you apply your own judgment
and seek professional advice (if necessary) before making a decision.